About  Jim Redding


 I started, as a child, constantly using my Mom's Brownie camera.

When I was 10 years old, a neighbor, an avid amateur photographer, observed my obsession with the Brownie and when he upgraded his camera he gave me his old Rolleicord twin lens reflex (I wish I still had that camera...) and showed me how to process the film and make enlargements in his darkroom.

When he upgraded his darkroom he gave me all his old equipment, and my career path began.

My first "commercial job" was shooting our eighth grade sort-of-prom. I made prints and sold 5 by 7's for 15 cents apiece.

During Viet-Nam I was a US Navy Photojournalist. Went on to work in a non-photo field, but always dreamed of being a full time photog.


Finally, at age 38, I quit my job and opened my first photo studio, specializing in fashion photography, in Boston and later in New York.

I also began to do the graphic design for catalogs I was shooting, and wound up in Michigan doing photography and designing ads and catalogs for the auto industry.

On the side, I taught photography and graphic design at the local college, which eventually led to becoming a full time professor in the art department.


Retired from that, and I now live in Ocala, Florida.  doing photography just for fun.   


I live with my very supportive wife, Rita, and our two dogs, Qubit and Gracie, and Fuzzy the Cat.


Thanks to the folks at Gallery 26 / Mossman Hall, Melrose, Florida

for providing such a nice buffet and drinks for guests at

the opening night reception featuring

Beth Cox -  Art Glass and

Jim Redding - Photo-Graphics

Friday, Februrary 2, 2018 (as part of Melrose's First Friday Art Walk) 

Melrose is just 15 minutes east of Gainesville on Rt. 26 (University Ave in Gainesville)

The show ran through the month of February, 2018

Mossman Hall Facebook page

Jim Redding and Beth Cox outside Gallery 26 / Mossman Hall

All Images © 2017, 2018 by Jim Redding Photography