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"Organic Mirror Images" that result in "Intricate Complexity"

The origin of these images are photographs taken from a Kayak while on the Silver River in Silver Springs, Florida. The shoreline forest is part of the Ocala National Forest. Many of the photos were  of the exposed roots (and "knees") of the Cypress trees common in the swamps of Florida.
The more often I drifted silently along the banks of the river, the more I began to understand why many indigenous peoples around the world see the shapes and textures of the forest in a spiritual way. Hopefully, these mirror images will convey some of the mystery and spirituality I felt along the banks of this subtropical forest.
A side note: 
The Silver Springs forest and waterways served as Hollywood's version of "the jungle" for six Tarzan movies from 1932 to 1942, and others such as "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and the TV show "Sea Hunt." 


Tribal Goddess of the Forest

Tribal Goddess of the Forest

The source of the above image is a wonderful cluster of roots and branches along the edges of the Silver River in Silver Springs Florida. I took a portion of the original photo (roughly outlined in red, see below), duplicated it, flipped the dupe horizontally and then butted the two images together to form the totally different creation appearing above.

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